Citrus Spécialiste L'Agrumiste

Passionate about cooking and the travels she brings us to life, it is while traveling the world that I have brought together in an orchard more than 250 varieties of citrus fruits.

Whether you are a starred chef, a committed greengrocer or simply passionate about cooking, the Agrumiste offers exceptional citrus fruits and an incredible diversity all year round. An orchard located in the cradle of citrus fruits in the heart of the garden of the hesperides in Morocco.

Chinese mandarins, giant pomelo, Mediterranean citron, Meyer lemons, Tahiti lime, rising sun sudachi … discover these varieties, learn to cook them and above all …

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Lemon Caviar

Lemon caviar, also called “pearl lemon” or “finger lime”, is one of the 4 founding fathers who gave birth to all the diversity of citrus fruits. Its is unique and the mouth feel is amazing, its crisp pearls under the teeth revealing a tangy flavor of lemon and grapefruit.

Lemon Vetiver

This variety is the result of research by the “Agrumiste”. We created it by interacting with chefs who sought to combine the flavors of lemon and lime.Lemon Vetiver is the result of a cross between a Menton lemon and a Tahiti lime. It thus marries the elegance and power of lemon with the summery scent of lime.Vetiver has the juiciness of lemon and the aromatic explosion of lime. Weight : 4k

Tangelolo Wekewa

The delicious marriage of clementine and pomelo: a delicate and sweet taste and an easy to peel skin … one of the tastiest citrus fruits from L’Agrumiste’s orchard.Being able to be considered as a pocket grapefruit, this citrus fruit is eaten everywhere, easily like a clementine. Naturally rich in antioxidants and provitamin A, it is a fruit with excellent preventive qualities. Weight : 3kg


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