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The gentle art of gastronomy is a friendly one. It hurdles the language barrier, makes
friends among civilized people, and warms the heart

Samuel Chamberlain

Taste is what matters most.

This is central pillar of GreenK’s philosophy. Our fine foods company is based in one of Europe’s most famous markets : Rungis.

Right on Paris’ doorstep, we are set at the crossroad of France and Europe.

We source, consolidate and distribute fine food products primarily to Europe and Asia.

Our customers are premium retailers, food importers, hotels and restaurants.

We listen, advise and do our best everyday to fulfill all customer inquiries through taylormade solutions.

To achieve this goal, we have dedicated suppliers predominantly in France, as well as in Italy and Spain.
This is important for us in developing strong links with our suppliers because we view them not only as product experts but also as product lovers.

Taking care of today’s challenges and continuously improving our skills is our way of preparing for the future.

Who We Are

Where we are

Rungis Market in few key points

Rungis Market has acquired its international reputation as a gastronomic hotspot owing to the incomparable diversity of the products, and also owing to a significant strategic geographical place for logistic, customs and health services related to export activity.

234 Hectares
7km from Paris
9 Billon €
18 Million

Taste is what matters most.

We source & select the gourmet products from best producers in the respect of the season.

We consolidate products under the same roof. We check quality and take care of duty paperwork for major export (EU, Middle East, South East Asia).

We distribute to high quality HORECA players and also premium retailers.

Our goal is to make GreenK a signature of quality.

Our Pillars

Our Expertise

International Expert

GreenK has 9 years of international fine food trading experience. More than 50 producers and 20 customers across 12 countries and 4 continents.


A commercial and logistical presence on the Rungis market allows a daily relationship with customs, health services and forwarding agents.


Sourcing, consolidating and shipping around the world is our expertise.

Duty Paperwork

Each country has its own legislation for importing food products, which involves customs procedures. Health certificates and other various authorizations. It is a tedious work of documentary preparation adapted to each one. Difficult to access for inexperienced professionals.

We want to offer a great gourmet food experience.

Through our product range as we consider   

« fooding » to be not only a lifestyle but also a maker of good memories.

Major export specialist, we offer a large panel of gourmet products under the same roof:

What we offer
Plus custom device

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