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La Grenouillere by Alexandre Gauthier

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What a gastronomic adventure filled with fine food to delight the taste buds.

Lost in the north of France, and not so far from our Belgian cousin, rich in rural heritage.

The chef : Alexandre Gauthier regales us.

“A gourmet and surprising interlude on the French Opal Coast”

Originally a family restaurant with a traditional regional decor, La Grenouillère has been transformed into an atypical relay under the impetus of the breathtaking starred chef Alexandre Gauthier, one of the most inventive chefs in France. The century-old buildings have been preserved but two new metal marquees with clean lines, created by the architect Patrick Bouchain, have redesigned the place. Now open to the garden and the vegetation, the restaurant offers a radical cuisine, rooted in its territory, working with freedom and imagination with the products of fishing, hunting and gathering. You can extend this sensory experience by staying in one of the cabins installed in the garden.

Unique in the world: two new metal marquees with clean lines, designed by the architect Patrick Bouchain.

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