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Portrait : Jérôme Galis

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Galis in practis…

Located in the beautiful Vaucluse region between Valence and Avignon in the South of France. Nathalie and Jérôme Galis produce each year wonderful green asparagus and truffles served on the most prestigious tables in France and around the world.

Asparagus producer

There are many varieties of asparagus in Europe. In the South of France, Galis produces mainly three varieties: LARAC, ARGENTEUIL and PREBELLE.

Galis asparagus is harvested by hand at the beginning of the day, immediately washed, cut and sorted. Great importance is attached to the quality of the harvest.

Green ?

For asparagus to be green, it needs the sun! Its green coloration is due to the process of photosynthesis and the development of chlorophyll under the action of light.

If it stays underground, it remains white. The climate and the region are therefore fundamental! Most varieties produce either white or green asparagus, only the method of cultivation will define the color of the asparagus.

It is sufficient to cover the asparagus plants with a 30 cm high mound of earth to produce white asparagus and, on the other hand, to let them grow in the open air and in full sun to produce green asparagus. In Provence and more particularly in the Vaucluse.

How Galis makes the difference

Galis asparagus is handpicked in the early hours, promptly washed, trimmed and categorized. Great importance is attached to the quality of the harvest.

They have selected and preserved an old French variety, the PREBELLE.

It is a family and artisanal production, their know-how allows them to select and produce asparagus of the following sizes: 16+, 22+ (50% of the production), 26+.

Sizes: expresses the diameter in millimeter of the base of the asparagus.


Green asparagus, which is grown in the open air, has a strong flavor and a sweet bud.

This variety grows very quickly and produces shoots with very little fiber.

It is also very soft and, after being harvested, it has the advantage of not twisting.

All these qualities have led it to it being on the menu of many restaurants under different names such as asparagus from Lauris, Villelaure, Pertuis, Pernes les fontaines…  

The fresher are asparagus, the more tender and less fibrous they become.

Asparagus is excellent for your health. Low in calories, full of vitamins, it promotes good intestinal transit, prevents cancer and other cardiovascular diseases.

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