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Portrait : Maison Gillardeau’s Oyster

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Because preserving French know-how really matters to us and because offering you the best of gastronomy is in our DNA, we wanted to shed light on Maison Gillardeau’s oysters and expertise in oyster-farming. What makes La Gillardeau so special ?

Let us give you an overview of the company’s committment to quality and ethics and review the characteristics of this jewel of the sea.

Journey of an oyster

For more than a century, La Gillardeau has been at the heart of a precious heritage. Generation after generation, passionate people from Maison Gillardeau, based on the French Atlantic coastline, shape oysters at the rythm of the seasons and tides. During approximately four years, from nursing parks until they reach perfect matury, Gilardeau oysters charge up with iodine and develop a unique taste to deserve the prominent place they are given on the world’s most refined Tables.

High quality standards

Maison Gillardeau constantly keeps an eye on the salinity level of its breeding ponds and regularly checks the oxygen rate of the water in order to guarantee optimal conditions for the oysters to grow. Indeed, Maison Gillardeau not only cares for the customer’s satisfaction, it also allows great importance to the well-being of their oysters.

Easily recognizable

As their oysters were often copied, Maison Gillardeau took a stand against counterfeit and had a very innovative idea : in 2014, they developed a lazer-engraving technology to mark every single oyster-shell with the iconic « G » logo of the company. Thus, they can ensure the authenticity of their product and establish their oysters as very high-end.

A benchmark for gastronomy lovers

La Gillardeau definitely built its reputation from its delicate taste and generous flesh but not only. Great chefs from all over the world also praise Gillardeau oysters for what the company represents in terms of savoir-faire and for all the work and care incorporated to the final product that make it so valuable and sophisticated.

Web site Maison Gillardeau : https://www.maisongillardeau.fr/

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